Beautiful French Door Blinds

Blinds for French Doors

Want to get some ideas for your french door window treatments? Try blinds! French door blinds are popular for their functions to help you adjusting how much the light you need to get into the house. Your french door will look prettier and more elegant by using this type of covers for your french door.

Beautiful Blinds for French Doors

French Door Blinds: Vertical Blinds or Horizontal Ones?

French door is such a kind of a big window in your home. People usually choose to cover their french door using the horizontal blinds, because these types have more abillities that make them more susceptible stacking problem of the blinds. Well, some people may choose vertical blinds, of course. But some people think that the french door are too narrow to display the vertical blinds. Horizontal ones are easier for you to adjust the light you need and help you to make your door larger. You can clean them easily, too.

Vertical Blinds for French Doors

Simple Vertical Blinds for French Doors

Horizontal Blinds For Traditional Bathroom French Doors

Horizontal Blinds for Bathroom French Doors

Sometimes, you can choose by considering your interior design. If you choose vertical blinds to cover your french doors, while you find many furnitures in your room using horizontal patterns, just don’t. You need consistency to make your home better.

Choosing Your French Door Blinds by Their Material

Another things to be considered are about the material. Blinds are made of wood, aluminium, vinyl, or even bamboo. Think about what impression you’d like to get from the blinds by choosing their material!

Wood Blinds for French Doors

Wooden Look French Door Window Blinds

Wood is being the most popular as the material of many furnitures people have. It gives casual-look in home, antique, and strong. You can also try bamboo. It almost is like wood, with the lower price, more resistant to humidity, lighter, and gives the impression of nature at your home. I’m sure vinyl makes your home looks modern, new, and practice! But if you want to complete your design of home in contemporary design for your interior design, choosing the aluminium blinds is a good choice!

Getting Blinds onto your French Doors

Firstly, you have to make sure about your french door’s size, because usually the panel’s size is narrower than the other kind of doors and windows. If you have done your task—knowing the size—the next step is installing. You have to start from the top, at the center of the door. This top center is just the starting step for making the hollows for the door.

French Door Blinds as Decorative Window Treatments for French Doors

Horizontal French Door Window Blinds

You have to think about the style of your blinds—their functions and patterns. Just make yourself comfort in your home by helping from french door blinds! See also other window treatments for French doors > Curtains for French doors


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