Wood Garage Doors

Have you ever felt like this: natural beauty can sometimes makes your eyes could not stop looking at them. Sometimes you may think to create the beauty of it at your own home. If so, try using a wood garage door! Wood has become identically with nature, considered its coming from a tree. Besides looks beautiful, this type of garage is also able to make your garage as an antique place.

Wood Garage Doors

Why Wood Garage Doors?

Wooden Garage DoorsWood is chosen as a symbol of natural beauty that you can use at home. Wood also gives the impression of luxury, yet it is such a little old-fashioned look. Nowadays, garage can be one of people’s expectations of your house. Wood garage doors can help you to beautify your home. In addition, wood garage doors are chosen because their charming appearances, than their ability to survive for many years. To gain maximum use of wood, which is durable and strong, you can determine which one deserves you most. Some people say that solid cedar is the right choice for using in a long time.

Wood Garage Door Types and Design

Wood Garage Door Designs

Types of wood garage doors are divided into three. Here is the list you can check out:

  • Single layer doors. This is traditional type of wooden garage doors, yet it is the most popular type to use. This one is good for garage that is detached from your home.
  • Two layers doors. This type is more expensive than the previous one, yet its layer of insulation is vulnerable to damage.
  • Three layers doors. It is the most expensive type of wood garage doors. These three layers are include of wooden exterior, wooden interior, and also a layer of insulation. Its advantage is being the most energy efficient of all the three types.

Using Wood Garage Doors

Wood Garage Doors at Modern House

Since woods are the most suitable kind of being doors, wood garage doors can be modified into several models. Sliding garage doors or common types such as doors with panels can be made of wood and is also called wood garage doors. It can secure your garage with its decorative hardwares, such as handles, keys or locks and garage door vents.

Just like the other types of garage doors, you can also custom its model, including its color in order to suit it with your garage’s interior. However, do not forget to always check your wood garage doors, because it’s possible to crack and peeling, so you have to repaint every few years to keep it looking good.

Wood Garage Door Inspirations

Solid Wood Garage Doors

Modern Wood Garage Doors

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Custom Wood Garage Doors

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