Types of Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors are usually installed in homes to keep homes safe when the door is opened, while the occupants are far enough away from the door. Yet, security doors is often interpreted only as a security guard from an annoying insect. As a home owner, you also must consider the possibility about someone enter your home who could have taken your goods if you are careless.

Security Screen Doors

Talking about security, you should really pay attention to the existing components in your security doors, such as the types of locks and grilles to be used. Consider also whether on a screened security doors you need to cover the entrance of insects or not.

Custom-Made of Security Doors

home security screen doors

Security doors are generally custom made. You can freely choose how your door is designed according to your taste, without feeling burdened to the existing models. Frame door is the part that can be made from materials that are not always the same on every door. You can find two types of frames on the door, named aluminum and steels. While the types of filler materials on the screen doors are:

Security Storm Doors

  • Aluminum
    If you are looking for aluminum that can be said to be safe, choose a heavy-duty aluminum which generally costs $ 600. This type of aluminum is indeed not the kind of security ones, but it is quite thick and make your home more secure.
  • Mesh Stainless Steels
    More expensive than aluminum, steels promising security at your door. Usually, steels will be woven tightly and looks like hard mesh screen. This will not reduce the value of beauty in your door, but has a unique value that makes a lot of people wear them in their homes.

Since the function gives the value of security in your home, you should pay attention to how these security doors protect your home. The door of this type must have at least about three hinges remain, with some pins as additional protection. The hinges are earlier will be better if left hidden. In addition, the frame should be fixed firmly on the corner. If possible, attach the spikes on the back of the frame every 25 cm to install the receiver channel between the frame and grille.

Types of Screened Security Doors

Aluminum and stainless steels are not only act as a screen at the security doors; you will often see them as material for the security door. They have different characters and offers a variety of advantages that you can find on security screen doors that make you think more deeply.

Security Screen Door for Homes

  • Aluminum Door
    Aluminum is not more resistant to corrosion than steel. But you can use a powder-coated aluminum doors to reduce the possibility of more rapid corrosion. In addition, for security against fire, aluminum is known as a material that is strong enough to face the fire or lightning.
  • Door Steels
    Steel is more corrosion resistant than aluminum. As the door material, steel is stronger and corrosion resistant so you can more easily avoid damage. For good results, use powder-coating or clean the security screen doors with a wash using warm water to the steel door more manicured.

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