Sliding Screen Doors

There are weather and insect disturbances that are being the most common complaint affecting home. You, certainly, want to shelter safely in your home as the storm arrived, at once to feel the warmth of the sun during the summer without having to leave the house too long. There will be many aspects that suggest you to use the sliding screen doors on your home. Screen on sliding glass doors will give you more protection against the weather.

Sliding Screen DoorsThe use of screens are also narrowing insects’ opportunity to get into your house. With the use of the screens, you might think that air and sunlight will also be reduced. But don’t worry; the screen on your sliding doors will still keeping your needs for air, light, and it doesn’t even reduce your visibilities. Screen is suitable for those of you who really pay attention to cleanliness and health.

Sliding Screen Doors – Frame Options

Each screen doors essentially prioritizes its function as a screen to enhance your protection at home. For this reason, screen doors are also often equated with storm doors in areas that have a lot of storms. Sliding screen doors are generally divided into two, according to the materials of frame. Every material that used must has each character and advantages-disadvantages, without losing priority of its main functions.

1. Metal Framed Sliding Screen Doors

Metal is often chosen to use because it looks modern. However, using the metal as your door’s frame, you must keep away it from humidity to avoid rusting. Meanwhile, the metal is extremely durable against a variety of weather.

2. Wood Framed Sliding Screen Doors

Wood will give an antique look that recently people love. Unlike metal, wood would be more at risk of damage due to weather. Wood can rot if it is exposed to water continuously.That is why, during the winter, you should store your wood-framed doors to avoid severe damage.

Sliding Screen Doors – Hardware and Benefits

Without forgetting the main form which is the sliding doors, there are many things that give you the confidence to choose this as your screen door type. Sliding doors save more space in your home and easier for many people. Children and elderly will also find it easier to operate the door by sliding it on track.

Screened sliding doors will give many advantages. You can reduce the possibility of entry of insects and still get enough light, and you also easier if you want to get the air quickly, in example: just by sliding it slightly without causing noise. Sliding doors are more resistant to breakage, especially those caused by wind, because the sliding doors guarded by top and bottom tracks.

But on the other hand, severe damage can also occur on your sliding doors. For example, if you choose aluminum framed screened sliding doors, you may discover damage after opening the door repeatedly. Repeated pressure on the door will cause the door loosened and hard for being pulled back. This can even lead to the replacement of the door, rather than repair.

Therefore, if you decide to use a sliding screen doors, make sure you choose well the type of track for sliding screen doors that you’ll use. Quality of sliding doors’ track is usually according to the doors’  heavy. Flimsy track will cause a trouble in operating the sliding doors. For larger and heavier doors, you’d better to try to use the more expensive tracks to avoid damage to occur more quickly.

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