Sliding Garage Doors – Types and Advantages

If you want something unique and different for your garage, just try to focus on your door. Your garage door might be look attractive with a sliding doors. Using sliding garage doors is the new way to minimize the use of space and easier to use because they remain on their tracks to be shifted when opening or closing the garage door.

Sliding Garage Doors

The Advantages of Sliding Garage Doors

Picture of Sliding Garage Doors

Many advantages can be obtained from the sliding garage doors. In general, this door leads to give impression of simple and relax. This garage door is called simple because it can be used by all ages and genders easily! They also can protect your garage well either from inside or outside.

Another advantage is that there is no limit in opening garage door when using these sliding doors. Some people even use the remote control to operate the sliding garage doors and make it easier. In addition of the concept of minimizing space, sliding doors allow us to open the garage even when there is another vehicle right in front of the door. Then, most sliding garage doors are made ??of coated wood material which makes it durable.

Types of Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garagecdoors are not available only in one way. There are several types of sliding garage doors which are often used, such as:

  • Bi-Parting sliding doors. The doors will be opened from the center, and they have two sides on it. Both sides will only be met when the doors slide shut.
  • Single sliding doors. They also have two sides, yet both sides of the sliding door will be one and be opened to one side. In other words, they have the same track.
  • By-passing doors. This type is the opposite of single sliding doors. By-passing doors have different tracks for each side, so that one side will by-pass the other side.

Image of Sliding Garage Doors

How Sliding Garage Doors Work?

Sliding doors consist of several panels with a lot of hinges on several corners. At the top and bottom, the sliding door is equipped with a track that stay in place, not shifted. This track way will facilitates the movement of sliding garage doors, and it doesn’t  limit you in opening your garage door as far as you need.

For installing the sliding garage doors, you should be very carefully in doing this. If you are not sure for doing that, just left it for the experts. Thing you can do is prepare the area inside the garage which you want to be the track’s location.

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