Sliding Barn Doors for Unique Interior Design Ideas

Agriculture and farm are often being the main sectors of a country. But apparently, not only crop yields and livestock that we can get, but also the design for the house which was adapted from the door of the barn which is used to store foods. Barn doors were quite a lot of rage as a kind of door that is very interesting and bring new innovations to the house.

Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Contemporary style that you come up with using barn doors will be a new spirit in your home. Generally, people use this type of doors with sliding style, such as those commonly used in grain storage facilities by farmers. Sliding barn doors are always easy to install and it always helps to give the impression of fantastic look in every corner of your home.

Sliding Barn Doors as a Room Dividers

Clearly, the use of sliding barn doors is not limited to one spot in your home. Interior of your home can be enhanced by the presence of sliding barn doors. These door gives an traditional, yet modern impression at the same time; which they provide strongly if you put it correctly.

Sliding Barn Door Traditional Design

Semi Modern Interior Barn Doors for Media Room

Modern Sliding Barn Door Design

Contemporary Sliding Barn Doors Design for Dinning Room

Sliding Barn Doors at Your Kitchen

The kitchen often becomes an important part of the house that need attention. The use of sliding barn doors is not limited as interior-room doors. In the kitchen, you can apply for food storage. This makes you remember the original function of barn, which is a place to store food. By using sliding barn doors, the sensation would appear stronger, and gives an unique impression. You can make it like a closet with some shelves. Sliding barn doors pack it into the perfect pantry!

Sliding Barn Door for Kitchen

Living Room: Living The Unique Impression

Your living room will not decrease its value of beauty by using sliding barn doors. You will feel more comfortable with these sliding barn doors. In winter, sliding barn doors are able to give the impression of warmth when you gather with your family in this room. In the figure, the living room may looks like has old-fashioned impression, but also given the high interest for you.

Traditional Sliding Barn Doors for Living Room

Combining Modern + Antique = Great!

Want to find a unique contemporary style and modern one? Note the interior design just like this. You do not need to feel the need to change the details of your home become antique ones to fit the sliding barn doors. Because in fact, even the modern design of your room with a sliding barn doors will still look elegant and attractive. Notice the color selection. Bright colors tend to help you display the modern impression.

Sliding Barn Doors for Unique Interior Design

Sliding Barn Doors on Your Bathroom

Who says sliding barn doors are only good at interior design living room? The use of sliding barn doors as the bathroom door gives an amazing view! The impression is simple once you see it appear immediately. You will feel the sensation of nature as you approached the door of your bathroom.

Sliding Barn Door for Bathroom Doors

Note the use of the material you use to make sliding barn doors, for example wood. Wood is more likely vulnerable to high humidity. You should make sure to maintain cleanliness and attention to your sliding barn doors.


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