Sliding Barn Door Hardware

The warm and robust feel of an interior sliding barn door is memorable and often looks expensive.  However, sliding barn door hardware is cheap and affordable if you know where to look.  This is a look you can replicate in your home with a modest budget so keep reading for further details.

Guests will immediately notice your sliding barn doors.  As they smoothly slide them accross the engineered tracks it will symbolise to them your home is solid and secure.  These doors and very charming and often have an earthy character to them.  Personally I love the contrast between a sliding barn door and modern elements and furnishings.  Alternatively barn doors also pair well with a country, timber interior.

Positioning your Sliding Barn Doors

Large barn sliding doors can work well as dividing walls between living and dining areas.  The doors create a sense of entrance from casual to formal areas as well.  When closed, barn sliding doors serve as a grand statement to your house.

Barn doors adjacent or opposite to a fireplace can also create an immense sense of warmth and security in winter.

A practical way to use sliding barn doors is as a gateway between a formal entertaining area from a dining area. As the unexpected visitor drops in you can close the barn doors to create a stunning focal point instead of a view of your dishes.

Any ordinary doorway can become special.  To some, barn doors may seem unusual but they will allow you to express your own unique design style. As you open them, they will provide a sense of entrance and space.

Consider adding these outdoors.  A deck is an ideal spots to place these sliding barn doors. They add privacy.  They can help transition from a rugged exterior to softer interior.

These doors are about personal flair and individuality.  An addition of a sliding barn door will add excitement to any room.

Why not select a barn door for your bedroom?  These doors have tones of farm life and nature that are great for making a bedroom a sanctuary and a very restfull place.  They are an excellent choice to differentiate a master bedroom from others.   The various styles of these doors can be personalized from conventional to contemporary.

It’s not uncommon to see barn doors and barn door hardware used in hatted restaurants and high end retail shops.  They are versatile for residential or commercial applications.

Any home or place of business is transformed with a sliding barn door. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Hang your own sliding barn door with the right hardware

I don’t suggest you rush into paying for a custom installation when you can save a good deal of money by purhasing sliding barn door hardware and installing this in your home yourself.  It is not difficult.  EWEI’s Homewares have everything you need.




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