Shoji Sliding Doors

Number of rooms in the house certainly makes you think about room divider. Some people think about unusual room divider, yet are interesting. Shoji sliding doors or Japanese sliding doors are now becoming quite popular for being used in many homes. Adapting the Japanese shades, shoji sliding doors give a new impression of a unique and aesthetic value to your home.

Shoji Sliding Doors: Harmony of Life

Shoji sliding doors provide you simplicity value. It shows from its design that doesn’t use too many accents and colors. This kind of sliding door also has flexibility value. By its simplicity, you don’t have to think much more about what you have to do with it, because shoji sliding doors have already look so gorgeous. Shoji elements are good for making you relax, since they have their clarity and make you simple to find lightness inside your room. Their transparance element is being one of their advantages, especially in creating your room as a calm place.

Interior Japanese Sliding Doors as Oriental Room Dividers

Sliding Japanese Screen Doors

Shoji Sliding Doors: Variety of Function

Since used as room divider, people try to add and modify Shoji doors. Nowadays, you can find shoji sliding doors as something that covered your shelf up or wardrobe system. It is really Japan’s style! This sliding doors which are very unique and beautiful can give you warmth, so that it is also used to screen a window. For a walk-in closet in some places, people usually keep using shoji sliding doors with them. Just realize that shoji doors provide variety of functions, and you can get your house as an oasis of calm with it.

Shoji Screen Doors

Shoji Japanese Sliding Doors Oriental Sliding Closet Door

Shoji Sliding Doors: Make Your Own Design, Choose the Material!

You may think, wouldn’t it be bored to see sliding doors with same amount of grid patterns everywhere? If so, you have to make it different! Some of the shoji sliding doors are not sold in a complete state, yet it waits for the buyer to say the specifications of accents. There are several sellers, either directly or online, which offers buyer to plan how the shoji doors will be. Shoji doors are hand-built according your spesifications. Think about it: you can make your own design of shoji sliding doors while deciding it will suit to your houses’s decoration or not, by choosing grid patterns yourself. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve chosen the right material for your sliding doors. There are a lot kinds of woods that use to be material for making shoji sliding doors. The one that commonly use is hemlock, which has enough strength and density. As facing of this sliding doors, you can choose polyester shoji papers or PVC.

Modern Japanese Style Sliding Doors

Japanese Sliding Door

Shoji Sliding Doors: Installation

Once you choose shoji sliding doors in making your house look better, you have to understand how to install shoji sliding doors. Of course you can ask handyman or carpenter to do the installation for you. But in order you have to do it by youself, you can also install the sliding doors easily with basic woodworking and skills of home improvement. Some of shoji sliding doors are ready to hang. You can instal it with the similar process of closet door’s installation.


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