Room Divider Screen

Room dividers are chosen by a lot of people because of lower costs compared built the permanent wall or install a new door. Additionally, room divider ideas makes people free to express their creations of designs, creatively. You may commonly see people with a folding room dividers in their houses, or sliding dividers, and still many more styles.

Room divider screen is being the main material you should consider in making room dividers. Many people use the screen as room dividers in their homes. This time, we will be discussed further on a screen as the main material of making room dividers.

Types of Room Divider Screen

There are many types and themes offered by a variety of room divider screen. You can use it for a long time—or not, because the room divider is not permanent thing, just like a wall. You may want to know how many types of screen room dividers are available in the market, so that you can make the right choice. Below are the types of room divider screen which are commonly used:

Room Divider Screen Fabric Room Dividers

Room Divider Screen Glass Room Dividers

Room Divider Screen Paper Room Dividers

  • Paper
    Paper as a screen in lots of room dividers is being a cheap and simple option. You can give a pattern that you like or the color you choose in this paper. The paper includes a light-weight material, so you can easily replace your screen whenever you want.
  • Cloth or Fabric
    The second option is a fabric. You may need a cost which is more expensive, but you will get higher quality. Fabric will give you a sense of security and more comfortable. However, you also have to pay attention to cleanliness. Fabric will look dirty if it has even just a little dirt. You must be diligent to wash or replace the fabric for some time.
  • Glass
    The right choice for you who want a modern look is glass. Glass also can help you make the house look bigger. Glass is really easier to clean; you only use a glass cleaner and a cotton cloth to rub it. Glass also will not prevent the light whenever it is trying to enter into your room. However, you must be careful with the use of glass, even if you have installed the frames around it. However, glass is a fragile material, so you should avoid severe shaking from your room dividers.

Types of screen can also be distinguished by viewing from how many panels you have in your room dividers. Generally, you will find the screen of three panels and four panels. The panel does not and will not limit you in selecting materials and design of screens that you use.

Benefits of Room Divider Screen

The use of the screen has many advantages. In addition to helping you limit the space, you also will find your room look neat and elegant. You might even feel your room is a special new room in your home without actually building a new space.

You can use the room dividers screen that you choose according to your design of room dividers you would like to have. Make sure you have considered such things as cleanliness, privacy, security, and comfort you when choosing a screen for you.

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