Room Divider Ideas

Room Divider IdeasYour house certainly have many parts. Sometimes, you feel like your house has no boundary wall to determine the beginning and end of a particular room. This certainly has some advantages, such as making the house look more spacious and larger, and it makes you stay in  more comfortable place. But sometimes, of course you want to give a room divider to meet the needs of privacy and beauty of the decorative in your home. That way, our room divider ideas may be the solution of your problem. These ideas have a large selection of styles, materials, and others.

Room Divider Ideas: Style Options

Hanging Room Dividers

Hanging Room Divider Ideas

Hanging room dividers divide the room in your home with a simple way. You can use a curtain or other material used to hang in an effort to create privacy. This style of room dividers gives the impression of relax without making the room look stiff.

Sliding Room Dividers

Sliding Room Dividers

Almost everyone agrees that the use of doors, windows, or even a room divider with sliding style is the way to maximize use of space. You do not need to feel your space is reduced extent, because the sliding room dividers only moves in a straight line and it is very easy to operate.

Folding Room Dividers

Folding Room Divider

Folding Room Divider

Fold is fold. Folding room dividers are being an unique innovation that become the latest trend by a set of dividers that seems easy to fold, or just give the impression that it can be folded. Folding room dividers is easy to use and not requiring a complicated setup; it can stand by itself and give a new different impression at your house!

Room Divider Ideas: Material Options

Wood Room Dividers

Retro Look Sliding Wood Room Divider

The beauty and strength of wood make it as an option in a room dividers. You probably would find wood room dividers as a full-room-divider, or just as a frame in the sides of the screen in room dividers. Wood gives aesthetic and antique impression at the same time, but also makes you think how to avoid a too rapid decay of wood.

Bamboo Room Dividers

Hanging Bamboo Room Divider1

Just like wood, bamboo become one of the material that is often used. Compared to wood, bamboo has a higher humidity level, and both can be used as a whole (perhaps such as blinds) or as a frame for each screen that has been installed. Room dividers with bamboo generally will be lighter when compared with the original wood.

Glass Room Dividers

Glass Room Dividers

Applied to the style of any room dividers, glass became the most beautiful materials that people used. You can determine the boundaries of your room as well as make the room is visible from the outside, as you can see outside from your room. This allows you to monitor the situation around without the feeling to find a room is too large to be occupied. Avoid the use of this material if you need more privacy.

More Creative Room Dividers

Curtain Room Dividers

Curtain Room Dividers

The division of the room with the curtains will help ease your mobility. All you need is fabric and tracks in the ceiling of your room which will facilitate the movement of the curtain. You will create the necessary privacy, but not block light and air to enter the room.

Bookcase Room Dividers

Modern Bookcase Design as a Room Dividers

Have much of books or small displays in your home, spilling? You’d better put them in a large bookcase that can be taken from two sides and used as a room divider! This way looks modern and beautiful, giving the impression of fun for everyone who see it, because it combines the use of furniture to the fullest. Good idea!

Screen Room Divider

Room Divider Screen Paper Room Dividers1

Hanging Screen Room Dividers - Room Divider Screen

Use of the screen is a creative way that become popular today. You can use a beauty clean white screen through a frame, with wood or bamboo. However, you can also give a more beautiful touch with screen painting or staining to give a different screen if you want better results.

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