How to Replace Sliding Glass Door – Replace and Repair

Replace sliding glass door did not have to be expensive, you simply set up little cost if you do it yourself. All things you’ll need is drill, small flat bar, and tape measure.

Replace Sliding Glass Door 300x211Replacing a sliding glass door is not difficult if you know how. You just have to know exactly what you want to do, whether replace sliding glass door with a new one, or replace sliding glass door with french door. If you only plan to simply fix your sliding glass door just to get it working correctly or replace a sliding glass door with a new one, then you can follow the following ways.

Search on the bottom and top of your door, look for the adjustments screws. Remember that most of sliding glass doors have different setting, but for the most part they all work the same. Adjust the screws down to remove your sliding glass doors. Then remove the screws that holding the frame in, search around the inside of the sliding door frame to find that screws, if you can not find the screws, the the door has a nailing strip around the outside of the door, remove them.

Now you can replace sliding glass door with a new one or re-installing the new sliding glass door. You can simply set it in place then screw it in, adjusting them into being level. Make sure to doble-check, shut your new sliding glass door and check if there any small adjustments are needed to get your sliding door tight where the door touches the frame.

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When you decide to replace a sliding glass doors, there are several options that you can take. Modern sliding glass doors, patio doors, sliding patio doors and french doors could be elegant alternative of sliding glass doors. Read our article on sliding glass door replacement might be able to help you rich your options in replacing your sliding glass door.

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