Recognizing Barn Doors to Beautify Your Home Design

As we know that barn doors usually found in any farm house area where you will find many horses, cows, and other livestock live. Barn doors are commonly installed on the barn where much of hay, grain, and horses kept. This kind of barn door is identical with western accent found on its main material such as wood and iron. Its design is also typical with double large door panels either it made in swinging or sliding version. The following general explanation will give you little information around barn doors included special characteristic of barn doors, style in the past and present, and its application in modern home design.

Sliding Barn Door Sliding Room Divider

Sliding Barn Door - Sliding Room Divider

Special Characteristic of Barn Doors

As its name, barn doors are surely installed in barn and it commonly made of wood to fit the wooden barn design which commonly found as barn characteristic.

White Barn Door as a Cabinet Door

White Barn Door as a Cabinet Door

There are several specific characteristic of this door except it is made of wood. Barn doors typically have two door panels which created in large width. Either it created in swinging or sliding version, they still need main hardware to make them installed properly. This hardware included sliding track and other that typically made of iron. The shape of barn doors are variation like rectangular as classic style or curving accent on the top as like old gate version. Some wood planks which arranged horizontally and finished by crossing plank arrangement on the middle become another typical of barn doors design.

Barn Doors Application in The Past – Classic Barn Doors

Classic Look Barn Door as a Decorative Room Divider

Classic Look Barn Door as a Decorative Room Divider

Normally, the house which built in farming area has barn to keep food stocks for winter and riding animals such as: horse and donkey. And in this situation barn doors are used to keep the animal save and warm, while food stocks are durable until they are replaced for another season. In the past, the design of barn doors is made depend on the barn building design and its functions. Wood planks arrangement that applied on each of door panel commonly painted in natural wood color such as birch color without any decoration as like we have found today. And the main function of these barn doors is only as a media to connect people in and out from the barn into the field or farm.

Modern Barn Doors

Beautiful Sliding Barn Door as a Room Divider

Modern Sliding Barn Door

Currently, in this modern era, we can clearly find different function of barn doors which used to use to cover the barn in the farming area, now they almost can be used for anything except as normal door.

Interior Barn Door as a Decorative Sliding Door

Decorative Interior Barn Door

Barn doors in this era are still found as normal door though it is not used as barn doors but garage doors. And for modern development today, there are various home interior or exterior designs which are very creative and become more creative in the future. It can be proofed by current barn doors application which is used as home interior decoration. This kind of doors would create rustic or old accent in any home design idea. It is depend on the owners who prefer to apply the rustic, modern, or even mixing those theme by using barn doors to reflect it. 

Barn Doors for Modern Home Design Ideas

Interior Sliding Barn Door as a Large Room Divider

Sliding Barn Door for Modern Interior Design

There are various application ways of barn doors which applied in current modern home designs. Now, this kind of old doors are not only used as interior doors in sliding version, closet doors, room dividers, but barn doors also used as wall decoration though it does not connected a room to another room. For instance, old look style of wooden barn doors in sliding version could be installed on the wall where a flat screen TV located between two door panels. There would be rectangle TV hole on the wall so that the barn doors could be closed to hide the TV. Other modern house uses this door to replace curtain on its exterior sliding glass door. So there would be double sliding door on it, light blue barn sliding doors inside and sliding glass door as exterior door.

Old Style Sliding Barn Door on Cozy Living Room

Old Style Sliding Barn Door on Cozy Living Room

That general information about barn doors certainly will give you much inspiration to incorporate them in your modern house. Wood is the main reason why barn doors could blend harmony in any home design ideas. It is because wood is a kind of neutral material with neutral color which will suitable to be applied in any era style. It is depend on the appearance of door texture to make it looks so old or even modern in the house.

Sliding Barn Doors for Unique Interior Design

Sliding Barn Doors for Unique Interior Design

Barn Doors with Inspiring Designs on the next article should be able to help you deciding your future barn doors application at home. Other information related barn doors which explaining about sliding barn doors and interior barn doors could be read on the next articles in this websites.

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