Interior Sliding Doors, Modern Room Dividers

Available in various designs and style makes modern interior sliding doors become a favorite of many people to be used as a room dividers. Interior Sliding Doors

These days however, sliding doors are made of a number of materials other than aluminum. Glass (interior sliding glass doors), wood (wooden interior sliding doors) and composite materials can give your room an elegant, durable and very stylish look, entirely new identity. Modern sliding doors also available in various range of styles start from interior sliding French doors, oriental style of Japanese sliding door ( Shoji door) to interior sliding barn doors.

Interior Sliding French Doors1

Besides being used as a room dividers, sliding doors also look very nice and suitable for use as a bathroom or closet doors (Sliding Bathroom Doors and Sliding Closet Doors).

Interior Sliding Bathroom Doors


Interior Sliding Door Designs

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