Garage Door Ideas: Be Selective in Choosing Garage Doors

Garage Door Ideas – Garage is a place that usually built next to the main building of house. In the house, this place is used for storage area especially to store car, bicycle, or motorcycle. Commonly a house has a garage for house storage area, but not few houses which are built without garage. Once a house has garage, garage door ideas should be selected to give safety necessity and beautify the house. Various models of garage door ideas have their own features which attractive to choose.

Contemporary Garage Door with Frosted Glass and Alumunium

Contemporary Garage Door with Frosted Glass and Aluminum

Picture of Contemporary Glass Garage Door

Garage Door Ideas by Designs

Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll up garage doors are one of simpler and usual garage door ideas which are operated by lifting it up when it will be opened. The clearance hardware that is formed as like vertical tube will roll the garage door until the door is completely opened. This type of garage door ideas commonly made of slight steel that easy to be rolled. This garage door is suitable for any type and size of garage. Typically this garage door is installed on a garage with square or rectangular frame opening.

Sliding Garage Doors

Practical and simple are the features of this garage door ideas which usually attract people to choose it. Sliding garage door has simplicity on its operating system while opening and closing the door. Various materials and the number of door panels could be considered depend on the garage condition. Some models of sliding garage doors included bypassing, bi-parting, and single sliding is suitable for any type and size of garage. In addition, this kind of garage door ideas is saving space type especially for small garage.

Folding Garage Doors

Folding garage doors are actually still included in sliding door type of door. The things that distinguish them are only on the number and size of door panel. Folding garage door typically made with more than three door panels and each of them has smaller width than common sliding door panel. Those door panels will connect in the middle when the door is closed and they folded in two sides on the outer garage wall when it is opened. This garage door idea is appropriate for any garage type especially for smaller garage space.

Garage Door Ideas by Materials

Wood Garage Doors

Wood is the most affordable material which used to make garage door. Various thickness of wood could be selected as desire depends on the garage condition. If you want has lightweight garage door ideas, you should select the wooden doors with slight thickness and the other way around. Besides it is affordable, various design, color, texture, and style of wood can be create easily. Wood garage doors are suitable for any house design either modern or classic and in sliding and folding style.

Stained or Painted Wood Garage Doors

Stained or Painted Wood Garage Doors

Wood Garage Doors

Rustic Unfinished Wood Cedar Garage Doors

Rustic - Unfinished Wood (Cedar) Garage Doors

Premium Finish Wood Garage Door with Speakeasy Grills over Windows and Decorative Clavos

Premium Finish Wood Garage Door with Speakeasy Grills over Windows and Decorative Clavos

Steel Garage Doors

Comparing with the wood material, steel is the garage door material which is the most flexible to be installed in any kind garage door ideas. The characteristic of steel used for garage door material is typically lightweight, soundly when it is knocked, cool, and modern. Steel garage door is flexible to be installed as sliding door, roll up door, folding door, even swinging door with trolleys on the bottom. Modern, contemporary, or classic house design can apply this material for their garage door ideas.

Steel Carriage Garage Door 18x7 with Arched windows

Steel Carriage Garage Door (18'x7') with Arched windows

Dark Steel Carriage Garage Door with Windows

Dark Steel Carriage Garage Door with Windows

Steel Garage Doors

Garage Door Ideas by Styles

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors are the best options in creating classic and old style in the house. The special characteristic of this garage door idea is it made of crafted solid wood with stylish design which will suitable to be installed for any period. Besides it commonly made of wood, there will be frames on the upper part to allow daylight come through into the garage.

Modern Garage Doors

Currently, there are various unusual designs of modern garage doors that make many people shake their head or open their mouth wide. This garage door idea commonly made of any material whether the door only uses one or more material composition. Clear glass material combined with wood or steel frame is made to create modern twist in the garage. Other modern garage door ideas add kinds of art on the external door panel. This garage door is typically installed in sliding door with automatic door opener to increase the modern accent.

Residential Garage Doors

As its name, residential garage doors are intentionally created to complete garage duty for residential house. This kind of garage door ideas has various designs as the house owner desire. For some residential house area, this garage door type is created in similar style for a house to other house. It can be made of wood, steel, or even glass with various garage door ideas included gliding, swinging, roll up, or other garage door types. Those garage door types are certainly decided to fit the house design.

Garage Door Ideas

After reading garage door ideas general information above (image and product: hillcountrydoors), we hope that you have decided your garage door options to fit your house and garage design. Every garage door idea has its strength and weakness, so ensure to consider them carefully before pick it up and spend your money.

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