Fun Facts About Steel Entry Doors and How To Maintain Them

There are many materials used for making entry doors like wood, steel and fiberglass. One of them is steel. Steel entry doors are well known of its toughness and durability. And what more? Let’s jump to the next paragraph to find out the fun facts about them.

Modern Custom Steel Entry Door with Unique DesignImage of Steel Entry Door

Steel Entry Doors Are Thief Proof

Yes, because of its toughness, thieves would not be able to break your doors to sneak in to your house. Well, it is not impossible for thieves to come for a visit and take a look into your house. But trust me, they come only to visit because at the end, it might be them who break their own hands, arms, or feet.

Steel Entry Door for HouseHouse with Steel Entry Door

As we know, most materials used for doors like cheap wooden or fiberglass are hollow, which get broken easily. While steel’s density is tight, which made it very hard. As you can see, the doors or grilles in jails are made of steel which proved us how secure it is to have steel doors. If the jails are using it for security consideration, why don’t we follow it too? No, I did not recommend to make your door house to be jail-like, because actually we can customize steel entry doors to be interesting too. You can order any size, style or form of steel doors then color it with your favorite paints. But one thing to remember, don’t make it to be too eye-catching, because we don’t want to break another thief’s hands.

Picture of Steel Entry Doors

Rustic Style Portella Steel Entry Doors with Glass

Elegant Style Steel Entry Doors with Sidelight

Steel Entry Doors Are Very Durable

Some of us living in a country with humid weather, which many materials can get rot easily, including wooden. Steel entry doors, in the other hand, can not get dented or rot even if it is located in high humidity weather. It is also good to prefer steel to wooden, since we need to concern about the environmental issue.

Contemporary Steel Entry Doors Architecture Series

There are many trees been cut down due to people’s greed. We don’t want to make our environment worse, do we? We do not need to be a superhero to save the earth. What we need is to think wisely about everything we are about to decide. Choosing steel front doors instead wooden doors might be one of the wise thoughts you have now.

Durable Steel Entry Door with Glass

Stainless Steel Front Entry Door for Contemporary House

Well, from those facts, we already know too that there is one weakness of steel entry doors. They get corrode or rusty easily. That is why it is important to take care of the steel entry door. Technicians should come in a certain period of time to clean and maintain its roller, spring, or hinges, so it would keep it balance or prevent it from jamming.

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