French Door Window Treatments – Window Treatment Ideas

French door is a door with some panels, which are usually referred as a french window. There are many French door window treatments to choose and now being the solutions for those of you who want to beautify the impression given by a french door in your home. Yes, French door is considered as a valuable asset to provide aesthetic and dramatic impression in your home.

French Door Window Treatments – Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

Window Treatments for French Doors

Simple White Bedroom French Door Window Treatment Ideas

French door is commonly used as indoor and outdoor boundaries in your home. This position is very strategic for you to apply a window treatments for french doors, beautify your home decoration. So, what should you add as a cover on your french doors?

French Door Window Covering

Windows Treatments for Double French Doors

French Door Curtains

French Door Curtain Ideas Curtains for French Doors

French Door Curtains Beautiful Window Treatments for Bedrooms French Doors

Curtains are such a kind of classic ways which is being the most frequently used on some doors and windows. You can use plain curtains or another curtains, and of course with some patterns as the additional decoration. As a variation, you can bind the curtain resembles as an hourglass. To add the impression of privacy, you can add a thin curtain which is used with the coated curtains. You can choose many option on curtains for French doors, they are have many colors, and the materials must to be in accordance with interor design ideas of your home. For example, if the interior of your house wearing a classic theme, classic-looking material and pattern are not the bad choices for your curtains.

French Door Blinds

French Doors Blinds Window Treatment Ideas

You are advised to use horizontal blinds for French doors, because the vertical ones are not enough good enough to be installed on french doors. You can choose from wood blinds, aluminum, or vinyl. Note that the choice of this material will give a different impression of your home. Wood will be suitable for those of you who want to look casual, while the aluminum would be the right choice for contemporary design. Make sure that you choose the right color. It would be better if you choose a simple color, instead of bright colors.

French Door Shades

Shades Window Treatments for French Doors

French Door Curtains and Shutters Window Treatments for French Doors

For those of you who want to be reduce too much light coming into your room, use shades for French doors. Shades can be an alternative choice for you to be used as a window treatments for French doors. Shades are also regarded as a good insulator. Some shades even made of anti-UV rays, helping you create a warm home. With a diverse selection of styles, you can still protect some part of your home from excessive light exposure.

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