French Door Curtains – Curtain Ideas for French Doors

The right french door curtains are not about good in function, but also contribute positive affect on the design of home. The choice of curtains can make you confuse, so you have to understand some things to get the best choice suits to you. Curtains must help you by protecting you from light exposure, and also by giving you more secure feeling.

French Door Curtains for Bedroom

Things to Consider Before Buying Some French Door Curtains

Just like everytime you will buy some new things, you have to consider some things before, certainly. List below are abou things that you should check before you decide to buy some curtains for your french door:


Don’t be silly by just guessing your french door’s size. Make sure you have known your french door well; known the size of curtains it needs, to avoid the unuseful wrong buying. The right size will give you a good feeling and make your room looks more comfortable, so that the purpose that you have by installing french door curtains are reached.


French Door Curtain Ideas Curtains for French Doors

When you are in the step which asks you to choose color, you actually always have two options: make it the same as the existing design or make it different and get fun with it. I mean, if you find all of your rooms in home are being painted in blue, you can choose blue—or another color, but with domination of blue—as a color for your curtain. Yet, you always can to make something new! Your home, your rules. Just do what you want to do to your own home. Make sure you choose the good color for your curtains. Even, you can ask some professional home designer to help you in choosing the color.

Long Curtain for French Doors

Design of Fabric

Curtains you can choose may be either a lot of patterns or not. You can choose by your want and needs. If the French door is inside the home, you can try to use a thin layer curtains, since it does not need to worry about privacy from the outside.

French Patio Door Curtains


This is the most important issue in installing a cover on a door and window. People use curtains to minimize the possibilities that people outside can spy on them. And people do need some times alone, right?

Beautiful French Doors Curtains

Beautiful French Door Curtains at Amazing Living Room

Curtains give a lot of benefits to you. In addition to the privacy value, it can also be a good weapon to avoid too much light exposure. To appreciate curtains, let’s make them beautiful, more!

Window Treatments for French Door and Window

Some people would like to bind the curtains and make it looks like an hourglass. It gives unique impression in home! It looks like there is an energetic spirit, and relaxing sensation.

Twin Color Curtains for French Doors at Gamorous Berdoom

Some other people use the curtains without binding any of them. It makes the french door higher and maybe longer—and always beautiful.

Curtains are beautiful to be used as window treatments for French doors. You have to clean them up, maybe every week. Make sure the french door curtains as window treatments and your existing home design are good for each other!

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