Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes time to choose cellular shades for sliding glass doors, you need to consider your reasons when you prefer a celular shades rather than other window treatments like curtains. When you are hoping for some privacy, or some protection from direct sunlight, you are on the right plan. Cellular shades Offers 75% to 99% UV-protection, crisp appearance from street view and pockets of air insulate windows from heat and cold.

Cellular Shades for Sliding DoorsFill your home design with soft rays of diffused light with energy-efficient cellular shades (honeycomb shades) is a very good ideas, you can choose one or more option from many cellular shades features such as: Cordless lift control on cellular shades offer convenience at the touch of a button. Continuous cord lift control no more tangled cords or uneven shades. Retractable lift cord give you protection for your children and pets from dangling cords. Top-down / Bottom-up lift control – Lift the bottom, lower the top or both. Top-down lift control will keep your privacy and let in the sunlight.

Cellular shades for sliding glass doors also comes with single sell that means one row of air pockets (cells), improve insulation. Double cell cellular shades with two rows of air pockets (cells) have more insulation than single cell. Triple cell cellular shades with three rows of air pockets (cells) have the most insulation.


Where to buy Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

homedepot could be your first choice when you decide to buy cellular shades. I suggest you to immediately contact customer service if you are unsure of your choice.

here are some alternative cellular shades design, I took from some online stores and websites, hopefully can add more ideas in choosing cellular shades for sliding glass doors.

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